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As well as building works, CFENC also sponsors individual children to attend school.  This is undertaken by donors making a long-term financial contribution for a named child for them to be educated.

We currently are sponsoring children in schools within Kathmandu and surrounding area.  We aim to expand this sponsorship to the remote areas as sponsors/donors commit so to do.


We are able to offer sponsorship of individual children through our charity, funding education and in some cases their hosteling for children from all areas and backgrounds in Nepal. For example:

Ashal Pradhan – Age 5

Ashal - Our first sponsored child.  He became the charity’s first sponsored pupil after his father sacrificed his life in the attempt to save that of another.  Ashal and his mother, Parbiter, returned to Kathmandu to live with her family; her elder son was sent to live with other family members.  As was the case until fairly recently in Nepali history, his mother was unable to read or write herself, therefore Parbiter was unable to support herself or her sons and school for Ashal seemed an unlikely proposition. 

Now thanks to a monthly donation to CFENC his education, uniform, stationery, entrance and examination fees are covered and his future is assured. 

Sponsoring a child costs from as little as £15.00 a month.  Whilst continuity is priceless to one of our children, all sponsorship is very gratefully received and will make such a difference not only to the child and their family, but also to the future of Nepal. Further information about sponsorship arrangements can be found by clicking the ‘Sponsorship’ button.

During our visits to Nepal, we undertake to visit the children, their school and discuss with teaching staff, the child’s education and monitor their progress. We report back to the childs’ sponsor on a regular basis if required so to do.

To sponsor a child, please contact Lisa using the ‘Contact Us’ button and we can take you through the steps.  Or if you would prefer, please complete the online form and we will be in touch with you.



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