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Namo Buddha Primary School, Bittahaka, Solukhumbu, East Nepal

As it stood the time we first saw the school, there existed a very basic building and school facility; no protection from the elements, a roof that didn’t fit the building itself with gaps and holes in, no playground only a muddy area which in monsoon becomes a mud-bath, school furniture which was old and rickety and no learning materials to speak of. The peripheral school wall was rotten and collapsed.

It did however have a very positive Headmistress and her teaching staff consisting of Simon, her fellow teacher.  Together they had great hopes for the school and together we are creating a wonderful new environment from which the children can be offered a much more comfortable learning environment.

This is far from an ordinary build project even for the most experienced of builders due in part to the fact that we are contending with mountainous terrain, running mountain water, monsoon, snow, rough terrain, no road access, and landslips. 

The school that in its present state before work started, was a building, that as one individual commented ‘wouldn’t keep my cows in’.  This school was and is where up to 60 children ranging in age between 4yrs and 12yrs went to school daily “because they want to”.

Sustainability and self-help are at the heart of any of our projects and we ensure that the community are fully aware of their own commitments to the project in hand. Before we commence our building works we take the responsibility for a providing a building; a school, where the staff can teach and educate the children in a warm and weather tight environment.  That they would have uniforms, schooling materials and a playground.

With a great deal of enthusiasm, effort and contribution from the local community, parents and the village elders we are using local labour, restoring and improving the existing school buildings and extending the facilities offered to the staff and children attending this school.

All materials have to be carried by porter or mule and those materials that are not purchased locally or from Kathmandu, have to be manufactured by hand i.e. stone fetched from the river bank many hundreds of feet below, carried up on porters’ backs and then broken by hand to form gravel, stones and building sand. Literally everything is done by hand, there are no power tools, no electricity and no builders merchants around the corner!

Whilst the villagers, local builders and carpenters are raising a new school out of the ruin of the old, Headmistress Furba Sherpa and her colleague Simon continue teaching the children, as best they can, subjects such as, English, Maths, Geography, Social History. 


Already in Bittahaka village there is an immense sense of community and pride not only in the building of this school, but also the provision of a new school uniform for the children.  The charity gave a made to measure set of clothing to each child in a ‘new’ colour (Green) as requested by the Headmistress, in order that the children stand out from the others.  Other parents in the vicinity are already asking where this came from and are their opportunities for their child to attend this school.  They can see what they and we are achieving.  This is truly wonderful and our message is gaining ground. 

In order to continue our work and to fund other projects to assist further communities in a similar way constantly need funding.  If you would like to donate an amount for a specific reason i.e for glazing, school materials etc or in someone’s memory we would be very happy to hear from you.

If you are able to help by donating to our charity, you will be helping us to provide further opportunities to children and future generations.




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